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TOPIC: MapleStory M's developers wish to stress the value

MapleStory M's developers wish to stress the value 10 months 3 weeks ago #177309

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To assist you with your trip, you will find Mount Maplestory 2 Mesos buy pets constantly standing by. If you ride in an air vehicle like the Dragon Mount, then you'll be able to swiftly soar through Maple World in fashion! Fashionable Life: Along with supplying practical attributes, you can enjoy a more fashionable lifestyle within Maple World by obtaining the right pets that match your own style.

Evan is quite popular amongst many Maplers because of his epic backstory. Evan is a small boy from a humble farm that becomes a hero after encountering the last descendent of the Onyx Dragon,"Mir." If you want to utilize Evan, you'll need to master playing co-op using Mir. A distinguishing feature of Evan's that divides him from different classes is he can use three kinds of abilities: his skills, Mir's skills, and Fusion skills.

Evan can fight by himself and struggle together with Mir as well. By leveraging those various ability controllers, Maplers can deal a lot of attack damage during conflict. With Evan's Hyper Skills, you'll witness the most spectacular skills within MapleStory M! Skills such as"Summon Onyx Dragon" calls on an ancient Onyx dragon to aid in battles directly, while"Dragon Master" enables Evan to ride on Mir to slay monsters with powerful breath attacks.

Skills are the main features that makes Evan therefore special. Players can attain victory using Evan and Mir Skills' separately. But, players can also utilize Fusion Skills -- letting the actual co-op mechanisms of Evan and Mir to shine through! Fusion Skills are combo Skills that are shared between Mir and Evan.

When triggering certain Skills for Evan and Mir, the two Skills will resonate and make strong damage to knock down monsters. If you apply the appropriate skills at the right times, you'll activate extra Skill effects!

As the blend of Evan and Mir makes Evan one of the most beloved courses in Maple World, be sure to benefit from the cooperative relationship. As a last special tip for Evan, MapleStory M's developers wish to stress the value of leveraging the"Return" Ability. The Return Skill causes Mir to instantly return to Evan while Mir is doing a Skill -- that Ability grants Evan with a special stat buff.

Today's update (December 18, 2018) includes Maple story M Mesos the newest Evan course alongside Mir, bringing providing players a new level of co-op battle art with a handful of celebration events. Evan Burning Event -- Through January 17, 2019, Evan personalities between levels three -- 75 will be awarded two bonus levels each time they level up.
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